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😨 Overcharge foreigners
😨 Provoke fear
😨 Lack of transparency
😨 Sloppy status updates
😨 Slow & poorly managed process
😨 Not your best option...

Join the 928,149 Foreign Owned Enterprises registered in China!

Starting a business in China is NOT as painful as most agencies make it seem. We know because we’ve succesfully managed this process by ourselves and for our friends.

Launch-cn was started because we know how intimidating and expensive the first step can get. We'll make sure that you wont ever experience miscommunication, deal with bureaucratic headaches, or be overcharged for a relatively simple process.

Why rely on overpriced services when you can save major costs for your business by doing it here?

We guarantee you that it gets easier from here.

How it works

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Contact us about wanting to register your business through Launch-cn.

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Fill out the required information about your business with our step-by-step magic form.

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We'll handle the dirty work from here on out!

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