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Here is where you can find all types of questions asked by real customers of ours! For your convenience, we divided everything into 3 seperate categories. Please contact our support team if you still can't find an answer!


# What important documents will I need to prepare?

You should have the following documents ready:
  • Scanned copy of your passport ID page
  • Scanned copy of the supervisor's passport ID page
  • Scanned copy of your visa page(if you're already in China)
  • Info of yourself and supervisor. Includes, full name, phone number, and living address

# How does naming work?

Your business will need a chinese name. We recommend that you think of a name that will resonate well with your customers. After you decide a name, we'll have to do an online check to see if the name is available for the taking.

If your desired name is already registered, or you can't think of any names, we'll gladly help you out with a few recommendations.

# Can you provide me with a business address?

If you already have an address for your business, you'll need to provide a scanned copy of the contract which includes the landlord or real estate agent's company seal of approval.

If you don't have a business address registered yet, we can set you up with a virtual desk which is already included in our concierge package.

# How can I find an accountant?

Along with a business address, you'll need an accountant for your company. We'll need information like, the accountant's company information, business address, the accountant, etc.

You can find an accountant on Zhu ba jie. The rate for an accountant on zbj is around 800rmb/month for a foreign owned company(which is what you are registering for).

If you don't have an accountant, or don't want to find one on zbj, we we will set you up with one which is already included in our concierge package.

Registration process

# Typical delay use cases

Naming - Sometimes the Chinese Bureau of Commerce will contact and inform us that the naming of your company needs to be changed. Reasons might be that your company name is too general, or misleading. No worries, it won't ruin the application process however, we will have to think of new names for your company.

Business address - It's best to have an address ready when you are ready to apply your business. If your business registration is urgent, spending weeks on end to find a location will delay your business registration. Let us help you with our concierge package.

Government initiatives and policy changes - Once in a while the registration process might be updated. In regards to new policies and initiatives, we're always up to date with everything current. Be advised, updates could prolong the timeframe of your business registration.

Registering around natl. holidays - The registration process is typically slower before and after a national holiday and towards the end of the year. If you plan to have your business registered by a specific date, please be aware of any nearing national holidays, and always expect there will be timeline delay.

Post-registration process

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