Your business registration just got a whole LOT easier.

We offer one great service. Rest assured once you signup, everything afterwards will be so FREAKING EASY!

You're ready bootstrapping space-cowboy, now let's find out how Launch-cn can help you!


Hiya Bootstrapper πŸ’ͺ,

Simply put, we give you everything you need.

We help you prepare all the Chinese-language documents you need (name-registration, articles of incorporation, etc.), provide translation services for necessary documents, and make sure everything fits local government standards.

Will you need a business address and company accountant?


πŸš€ Corporate naming service
πŸš€ Resume translation
πŸš€ Passport translation
πŸš€ Articles of incorporation service
πŸš€ Manage and prepare all documents
πŸš€ Online status updates
πŸš€ Same day online support
πŸš€ One time payment

$800 USD

I don't mind getting my hands a little dirty!

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Concierge at your service 🎩,

You must have a business address and company accountant in order to finalize your business registration.

If you’re already renting a place or paying for an accountant, great! Just let us know the details.

If not, no worries, we have you covered. For $100 USD/month our concierge package provides you with both a licensed accountant and virtual office to use with your registration!

Save yourself the time and headache of trying to find the right location and accountant with the concierge package.

Concierge Package

πŸš€ State licensed accountant
πŸš€ Virtual office in your city
πŸš€ Bi-annual payment

$100 USD/month

I’ve got other things to focus on.
Help me with an address and accountant!

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